On March 29th, 2018, the Marriott Hotel offered for its second time a study tour to the USAID Twiyubake program. 15 youth beneficiaries who completed their TVET training and internship in hotel management in Kayonza and Kigali attended the two-hour study tour to help them become familiar with 5 star hotel settings, increase their understanding of hotel operations and be better prepared for future job placements.

Pascal, 25 years, recently completed his internship at the Bellevedere Hotel which gave him insights of general hotel management. In the kitchen, he prepared different dishes especially pastries which drew his main attention in the field of culinary art. The study tour came at the right time as he is currently applying for jobs. It is an opportunity to see the operations of a 5 star hotel and to be exposed to its features. The group members who finished their studies at the Kaant TVET School in Kigali are considering to put themselves together once they have a small capital and start an income generating activity in the field of pastries because the ingredients are cheap and people buy them.

Alexandre Mugabo, Training Officer, started the study tour in front of a drawing of the founder of the Marriott hotel to explain how the hotel started as a family business in gastronomy in 1927 and slowly expanded its business to open 30 years later the first Marriott hotel.

Today the Marriott hotel is a multinational hospitality company operating in 127 countries with more than 6300 hotel and 30 different brands. The hotel puts people first.

The group toured the presidential suite, where the King of Morocco was accommodated during his official visit to Rwanda, the executive suite and junior suite. “Marriott hotel Kigali is an inventive class prioritizing technologies. This is why you see flat-screen TVs everywhere as well as the highest technology features in all the rooms”, explained Solomon K, Concierge.

Alexandre continued to tour the group through the restaurant, the pool space, the garden, terraces, conference room and Spa therapy and fitness center. At the end of the tour, he explained how lucky they are to have completed their studies in a profession which is most in demand. He reminded to not neglect the teachings from the TVET school and informed that in case they would like to apply at the Marriott to remember that attitude counts more than their degree.

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